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Astronomy Chapter 6 Flashcards

C) If you attempt to take a glance at an image that’s not formed at the focal plane, it will be blurry. D) The focal airplane of a reflecting telescope is always located within a couple of inches of the primary mirror. E) Light can be targeted with a lens or a mirror. T/f X rays from astronomical objects can only be detected from telescopes in space. Telescopes operating at this wavelength have to be cooled to watch faint astronomical objects.

A) Over the 60-year interval, telescopes have steadily gotten larger and more highly effective. B) Although there have been advances in cameras and computing power a dub of weed, telescopes themselves haven’t changed much within the last 60 years. Suppose you may have two small images of the Moon.

B) Being on a excessive mountain top means being comparatively high within the atmosphere, which tends to restrict turbulence. C) Dry regions imply much less rain and clouds, and mountaintops in dry regions may even allow some infrared observations. D) Mountaintops far from cities are usually topic to much less light air pollution than locations nearer to cities. Which of the following statements finest describes the difference between a refracting telescope and a reflecting telescope? A) A refracting telescope makes use of a transparent glass lens to focus gentle whereas a reflecting telescope uses a mirror to focus light. B) A refracting telescope produces refracted photographs while a reflecting telescope produces mirrored pictures.

They are at all times proven with colors that aren’t the true colors of the objects that had been photographed. It is a measure of how close two spectral strains may be distinguished. Order the next in order of accelerating efficiency of detecting photons of seen gentle. The angular separation of two stars is zero.1 arcseconds and you photograph them with a telescope that has an angular decision of 1 arcsecond. A) The two stars will appear to be touching, wanting somewhat like a small dumbbell. B) The stars won’t show up in any respect in your photograph.

Would you expect the temperature on the center of the protostar to increase or lower with time?

C) Reflecting telescopes make much clearer photographs than can refracting telescopes of the same measurement. D) It is much simpler to make a large refracting telescope than a large reflecting telescope. Which of the following statements about light focusing is not true? A) In a wholesome eye, gentle is targeted on the retina. B) Film should be positioned on the focal airplane in a digital camera.

B) It allows two or extra telescopes to obtain the angular decision of a single telescope a lot bigger than any of the individual telescopes. C) It allows us to determine the chemical composition of stars. D) It permits astronomers to make astronomical observations with out interference from mild air pollution. E) It allows the same telescope to make images with each radio waves and visible gentle. B) It permits us to find out the chemical composition of stars.