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Create Your Very Personal Fruit Tier Listing

Rumia’s a Solo focusing on nuker with some support for teammates who profit from Blind Barriers being applied to them. Otherwise, she hits single targets onerous, and brings some Breaks alongside the way. Shou’s a selfish attacker with P0 Sun and a Pagoda Tank right here to blast at your enemies. She’s not a brilliant great All farmer, though she is often a good Solo farmer on some one- boss levels as a result of her Human killer. Where she shines is more durable fights, bringing a robust backloaded Last Word to the table. Packing Yin & CRIT DEF DOWN assist, a ton of harm herself, and a few stable Break potential, Koakuma’s name might imply Little Devil, however she’s actually extremely robust.

To be more specific, she offers unseen accuracy support to her group and a stable array of debuffs along with 2 Darkness anomalies. In phrases of breaking she excels because of her P0 break shot and all kinds of breaks. Reimu is an extremely good tank, nuker, and breaker for tougher fights, having a strong argument for being the most effective Friend in the sport for them. Between her Focus UP, high firepower, P0 access to Wood and Sun on primary photographs, and unbelievable self-sustain, she’ll keep alive for a long while and blast away your foes. She’s merely great as an alternative in shorter fights and for farming functions, however being merely ‘great’ at your worst areas isn’t a nasty deal.

Alternatively, copy the code beneath to share an editable model of your tierlist. Paste a code into the box below and click “Run code” to load another tier record. You can click on and drag characters into the record or double-click to instantly move them to the very best tier. Hiding a recreation will remove each character from that game out of your tierlist! If no characters are loaded here, select a recreation by clicking the “Change sport” button above. Thanks to @Double_FGC on Twitter for the images of assist characters.

Mean they’re nugatory – because of LostWord’s elemental system, even Friends who have in any other case missing kits can nonetheless deliver factor assaults for a full break. A low ranking simply reflects that they lack harm, utility, or both compared to other Friends. With an overall lackluster equipment, bringing no injury deer snake and minimal utility to the desk, Nitori Kawashiro doesn’t have a lot going for her. She solely brings Solo goal Water and Metal factor Spell Cards with just one break a bit at 0 Power, and only 1 more break at P2 and P3. However, she will be able to apply 2 Electrified obstacles to all foes, though the second barrier has a 10% failure price.

This grants her some small niche in offering team-wide Accuracy help that bypasses the traditional 10 Stage Accuracy restrict, which also goes properly with Discharge attacks. Reisen Udongein Inaba stands out for getting access to Moon factor attacks, and she will take down the first primary story boss at a lower stage than anyone else. She can also apply two Electrified barriers to all enemies, which is nice Accuracy assist and might synergize properly with Discharge attackers. That’s about all she has going for her – each of her Spell Cards and her Last Word are Solo, her damage is overall rather low, and she brings no utility outdoors of that. Even though Hina Kagiyama could not keep away from her own misfortune of solely having Solo-targeting spell playing cards, she nonetheless has pretty situational use with a Yin-based Last Word and having the flexibility to decrease the evasion of every opponent.

Spend as little or as a lot time as you want to make the graphic your own. With a premium plan, you can even auto-apply your brand emblem, colours, and fonts, so that you’re all the time #onbrand. Create the ultimate tier listing with professionally designed templates, or begin with your own original design. Of course, some of the characters can be SSS tier in both Story Mode and Arena, so you must upgrade these first. But if you don’t have them, then you possibly can at all times make two totally different parties and use them for whichever content you need most. Back in season 12, they decided to convey again the Hammerpoint Rounds.

Still, Cirno can definitely have her moments to shine in battle, simply not in phrases of farming. She possesses an incredible amount of team assist – Yin & Yang DEF Down, Yin ATK Up, and Accuracy Up. If that’s not sufficient, her All Last Word offers incredible injury at 1 Power, and scales very properly with extra Spirit Power. She’s also received pretty solid Barrier Breaks, with a spammable Basic Shot that offers 1 Fire Break at zero Power. Farming, onerous fights, harm, group assist – the oni simply does it all, and is considered one of the strongest models within the recreation.