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Take Your Style One Notch Higher with These Shawls & Designer Stoles

Shawls are a great choice for adding sophistication and elegance to your look. Originally a Persian creation to cover the upper part of the body, shawls are sometimes decoratively ornate or simply stylish to complement your attire! 

Women shawls pair perfectly with salwar kameez, kurta, saree and other ethnic outfits, and designer stoles are preferred with dresses, gowns and traditional ensembles. Shawls and stoles are wrapped around the shoulders and arms, to elevate the spark of the attires. 

Shawls are adored by men and women in Asian and western countries. Woven and silk shawls add comfort in winters. Cotton and chiffon shawls and stoles with minimal work and great colour combinations are for all seasons.

Shawls cost a bit higher for painstakingly resourced materials and the labour that goes into their fine, intricate designs. There are different range of stoles in the market, that are made from both expensive fabrics and mixed materials. 

. Kashmir Shawls 

Kashmir shawls, made of the wool of cashmere goats of Kashmir and Tibetan shahtoosh wool, are considered niche apparels, originally used by nobles and aristocrats. A favourite for their warmth, light weight and the Buta designs now known as paisley designs, Kashmiri shawls are now extensively produced in India and abroad. 

. Pashmina Shawls

The genuine pashmina shawls are usually made from pashmina, a finer variant of spun cashmere wool from the Changthangi goats. Kashmiri vendors selling Pashmina shawls from door to door and womenfolk buying them in groups is a familiar, nostalgic visual. 

Apart from its contribution towards grace in your looks, Pashmina shawls are purchased and stored with great care for its incomparable softness, and warmth. Pashmia shawls are still woven traditionally, with gorgeous motifs and striking colours. 

. Doshala Shawls

Easily available on designer stores and online shopping sites like Pernia’s Pop-Up Shop, Aza, etc., Doshala shawls were a favourite of Mughal Emperor Akbar, and originally made with gold, silver and silk thread. Doshala shawls were traditionally meant to be worn in pairs so that the under surface of the shawls remain covered. 

All these different kinds of Kashmiri shawls owe their exclusivity to handwoven patchwork and the craft of heavy embroidery. 

Other states, home to the mountains, produce different kinds of shawls from local wools, that are now being heavily curated by fashion boutiques. 

Stoles are now a must collection in a women’s closet. A colourful stole with a plain white t-shirt and jeans, or designer stoles for draping with fancy off-shoulder gowns, are now easily available online. 

Check out the most exclusive collection of shawls for women and designer stoles at the best online stores. Their collection of embroidered and handwoven Pashmina, Doshala shawls in dyed wool and handloom fabric can elevate your look to a few notches!

You can pick embroidered, printed, woollen, Chanderi and even Zari work stoles too.